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Pharmaceutical Marketing
Medical Marketing

  • Brand Integrated Marketing|Integration and execution of marketing activities such as new product releases, brand public relations activities, press conferences, education and training, and medical and health education activities.

  • Event theme planning|Venue recommendation, moving line planning, interactive design, audio-visual display, integration of current events and other event planning to create event highlights.

  • Marketing strategy|The professional team integrates technology and knowledge to evaluate the most effective marketing strategy for the brand.

  • Project team execution|Integrate resources and customer needs, maximize the benefits of limited budgets, have experience in hundreds of events, and create a deep brand impression.


Medical and health education activities

Large-scale health education activities

Small Medical Lectures

academic seminar

academic seminar

meeting of medical experts

​special project

Health education material

disease MV

Patient Stories Collection


Exhibition design

Medical Annual Conference Exhibition Hall

Other exhibition design

Video media

Video News

print news

New product launch press conference

​special project

manpower dispatch

book publishing

Beauty Design

Cooperation Case

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medical seminar

Medical Seminar


In order to further improve the quality of care, experts in various fields are specially invited to share new medical care knowledge and treatment experience, so that doctors can still maintain close academic exchanges.


New product launch press conference

Product  Launch

Use the media public relations operation to release press releases, publicize the advantages of the product itself and the company's philosophy, restart the friendly relationship with the media and create exposure, and increase brand visibility.


Audio-visual news media

Video News Media

Photograph patient testimonies and use media public relations operations to issue press releases to increase the exposure of patient groups, fight for their rights, and increase the visibility of the disease.

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Social  Media



Exhibition site design for annual medical conference

Exhibition of Medical Association 

Provide team services according to customer needs, and provide tailor-made creative design of the exhibition site to accurately convey the company's image or product concept.

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Medical and health education activities

Health Education Events

Invite medical experts in various fields to provide public health education information, improve medical knowledge, and take care of personal health.


Health education materials​

Education Material 

Produce health education materials based on different diseases and expert consultants' suggestions, provide new knowledge about diseases and products, improve professional development and quality, and make them be health-conscious and friendly, and maximize the effectiveness of communication.



Website Design


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